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Ephedrin TEDRAL SA (ephedra - ephedrine)

Larger image Ephedrin TEDRAL SA
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Company: sa-INDIA
Generic Name: ephedra - ephedrine
Description: Epfedrine
Tedral is the herbal product and works just by stimulating nervous system that
will increase blood pressure and heart rate.
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20 tablets (1tab/50mg) 50.75 USD 27.55 USD
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5 x 20 tablets (1tab/50mg) 217.50 USD 130.50 USD
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3 x 20 tablets (1tab/50mg) 130.50 USD 79.75 USD
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Information on Ephedrine Tedral Sa :

The respiratory conditions, which includes nasal swelling, nasal congestion and asthma and it is claimed to be the heart and the nervous system stimulant and might have some other uses. So, check out with your doctor for complete details about a particular brand that you use. Epfedrine Tedral is the herbal product and works just by stimulating nervous system that will increase blood pressure and heart rate.

You cannot use Ephedrine:

  1. You have pheochromocytoma (tumor of adrenal gland)
  2. You’re allergic to ingredient of Ephedrine
  3. You’re taking furazolidone or monoamine oxidase inhibitor
  4. You’re pregnant

Contact the healthcare provider in case, the following applies to you.

Before taking Ephedrine:

Some of the medical conditions might interact with the Ephedrine-Tedral Sa. You need to tell your pharmacist or doctor if you are having any medical history, particularly if the following apply on you:

  1. You’re taking prescription and nonprescription drug, dietary supplement or herbal preparation
  2. You’ve allergies to drugs, foods and other substances
  3. You’ve history of circulatory, heart, and thyroid condition
  4. You’ve history of diabetes, glaucoma, stroke, seizures and high blood pressure
  5. You’re planning to get pregnant and breastfeeding

Some drugs will interact to Ephedrine. You can tell the healthcare provider in case, you’re taking other drugs, particularly the following:

1)Blood pressure drugs because effectiveness is reduced by the Ephedrine

2)MAO inhibitors as serious side effects like high blood pressure can take place

This might not be the complete listing of interactions that take place. You can ask the healthcare provider in case, Ephedrine might interact with any other drugs you take. You need to check with the healthcare provider or doctor before you begin, stop and change any medicine dose.

Using Ephedrine in a right way:

You can use Ephedrine like directed by the doctor and check its label on drug for the exact dosing details.

1)Use the drug as directed on a package, or instructed by your physician.

2)Suppose you miss the Ephedrine dose for one and more days, there’s not any cause for concern. Suppose your doctor suggest you take this, try and remember the dose daily.

3)Don’t increase this dose, take frequently and use for the longer time frame than it is directed.

4)Dosing generally depends on use or source of this product.

Ask the healthcare provider about any queries that you might have on how to use the Ephedrine drug.

Safety inf

The product might cause little dizziness. Dont drive or run any machinery, and do anything that will prove dangerous till you understand how you can react to the Ephedrine drug. Using the product alone, with some other drugs, and with alcohol might lessen the ability to drive and to perform dangerous tasks.

Before having dental or medical treatments, surgery or emergency care, tell your doctor that you’re taking Ephedrine .

Check out with doctor prior to you start having any new drug, over the counter or prescription, which includes medicine having sodium acetate, potassium and sodium citrate, sodium lactate or sodium bicarbonate.

Don’t exceed on recommended dose of the product and take this for the longer than suggested by your doctor. Exceeding this suggested dose and taking longer than suggested is habit forming. While used at high doses, the product might cause some serious side effects, which will include heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, as well as seizures. Never use the product for 7 days or more at time. You can use the product for little longer than seven days and lead to the worsening of the condition. Suppose used for more than seven days on a stretch, then never stop using the product all of the sudden. You can check out with the doctor and see in case, slow reduction of dose is suggested by your doctor or not.

Long term safety of the herbal products cannot by known and before using alternative drug, you can talk with the doctor. The liquid preparations on the product might have alcohol or sugar. Suppose you have liver condition, diabetes, and history of the alcohol dependence, then check out with the doctor about use of the product Ephedrine cannot be suggested for the use in ELDERLY people. They are very sensitive to stimulant effects to Ephedrine and might experience some difficulty in sleeping. The product isn’t suggested for the use in KIDS.While used for little longer time frame and at the high doses, Ephedrine will not work and need the higher doses to get similar effect as when taken.

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